UNIT 9 Formal,InformalandNon-formal Education


Anwar holds a Master’s degree in marketing. He trains teachers not only in Morocco but elsewhere, too.

Reading: Types of education

There are three types of education. Formal education is the structured educational system provided by the state for school goers. Non-formal education, in contrast, is refers to education that happens outside the formally-organised school – that is the education that refers to adult literacy and continuing education for adults. This kind of education is voluntary. As for the informal education, it is the education that happens outside the classroom. It is considered as integral part of formal education.

Writing:    an e-mail

Application for admission to the BBA

Unit 9 Insights into English

Reading : Psychology : The Science of the Mind (p 136)

Psychologists, like other scientists, use the scientific method… They use the human behavior as a clue to how the mind works. Since the mind cannot be observed directly, psychologists use human behavior as data to test their theories about how the mind works…
Linking words: (see p137)

Reading : Job Ads (p137)


A: Are you interested in teaching English to bank employees?
B: You’re kidding, aren’t you?
B: No, Meditel needs English students to teach English to a group of its
A: Is it a full time job?
B: No, it’s a part-time one.
A: Is any experience needed?
B: I don’t think so. You just need to send your CV and salary expectations. Will you apply for it?
A: I think I’m not qualified enough to get it. I wish I were fluent in English.
B: You should be self-confident . For me, your English is much better than mine. If I were you I I wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.
B: Thanks for the advice.

WRITING: Curriculum Vitae (See p 139)

Non-defining relative clauses:
review (Please see page 141 for more examples)
Mohamed Khaireddine, whose all works I am going to read, was a poet.
Agoun’chich, which was his seventh and last novel, was published in France seven years after his death.
Critics compare him to Rimbaud, the French writer, whom I like very much.

Expressing addition: ( see p 140)

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